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Top 5 Wellness Trends of 2019

Resolutions are in the air and everyone is on the lookout for the latest wellness trends to incorporate in their plans. As consumers are increasingly seeking products, experiences and lifestyle changes that promote well-being and healthy habits, businesses across multiple industries are launching wellness-focused initiatives to keep up with the trend. We’ve gathered the top five wellness trends to try in 2019.

1. Mental Health Will Take Center Stage

We’ve learned that brain fog isn’t just in your head, what you eat and do affect your memory and focus, and your brain might just be the organ that suffers most from a poor diet. From Alzheimer’s to depression and a multitude of other issues dealing with the malfunctioning of the brain, society is opening up about what’s going on inside their head. So what can we do? For starters, we know that when it comes to brain health, nutrition is everything. What does a healthy brain diet look like? Beyond cleaning up your diet and adding in almost every color of food you can think of, making a point to learn new things like languages, sports and instruments, as well as connecting to those around you can help strength the brain. Industry leaders are encouraging us to unplug from our devices which are also responsible for some damage to our brains. Overexposure to information, rapid reward cycles, and multitasking can all take a toll on how we regulate our emotions, manage our stress, and allocate our attention. So as you move into the new year, make an effort to unwind and step away from the electronics for a moment. You may find that you’re able to sleep better, process information more quickly and overall enhance your mood.

2. Value Added Training or VAT

We all know the benefit of a good sweat session. But moving into 2019 wellness trends are going to be demanding more from our workouts than ever. Instant feedback in classes offered by places like Orangetheory which give real-time performance data, or fusion workouts that mix training styles like crossfit are quickly becoming a necessity in many workout schedules. We can expect to see an upward trends in memberships at both boutique studios and 24-hour, flexible gyms.

3. Personalized Nutrition Plans

Growth of DNA testing is allowing insights into the body that we have not had before. As the popularity of services like Ancestry DNA and 23andMe grow so does the ability to cater to individual needs and limitations. Many are opting to take the information they know about their genetic makeup to figure out precise nutrition plans that maximize health benefits.

4. Power of the Plants!

We already know that plants provide a pretty awesome symbiotic relationship for humans. We plant them and make sure to give them enough light and water, and they provide us with vital oxygen and just generally brighten up a room. Surrounding yourself with plants inside and out (meaning you should be eating your veggies!) is beneficial in so many ways. Our love of plants has infiltrated our homes, hotels, offices and even some gyms. The use of air-purifying plants only continues to grow in popularity for the service they provide and their aesthetic. The use of plants in decor is shown to reduce stress and boost well-being.
It is also encouraged to reconnect with nature. As stated before, unplugging from devices and taking a step outside can help ground a foggy brain. It also provides you the chance to discover some of the world’s natural beauties.

5. Color Therapy to Light Up Your Soul

Chromotherapy is the science of using colored light to enhance health and wellness in certain ways. Each color has its own vibrational frequency that relates to different physical symptoms and emotions.

      1. BLUE – This colored light is used to ease symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and can even aid sleep. Not to be confused with the synthetic digital “blue light”, blue light emitted from natural sources has been shown to help lessen inflammation, lower fevers, reduce high blood pressure and relieve migraines, due to it’s cooling almost anaesthetic style energy.
      2. RED – This fiery, powerful color denotes passion and confidence. It is thought that exposure to red light will increase your pulse, raise your blood pressure and increase your breathing rate. Doesn’t necessarily sound too good, right? But red light is used to energize and motivate. Infrared therapy is also used to activate collagen cells. This stimulates the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can speed up the healing process.
      3. YELLOW – Yellow light is bright and uplifting. It invokes optimism and cheerfulness in those exposed to it.
      4. GREEN – Much like the effect that plants have on us, green light is reflective of nature and is associated with harmonious feelings. Exposure to this color of light provides a neutral, positive and calming effect.
      5. ORANGE – Orange light, as well as orange paint in rooms like the office, is used to stimulate focus and raise energy levels. Much like red light, orange is motivational.
      6. PURPLE – Purple is the color for tranquility and works well in a detox sense. This light color will strip the body and mind of impurities and can help patients deal with that sense of mind over matter when dealing with chronic pain.

There is no better place to begin the wellness journey than at Bluhawk. With a budding health sector that includes AdventHealth South, Bluhawk Dental Group and Davidson Family Chiropractic, it is simple to kickstart your wellness goals by scheduling a checkup. Once your wellness journey has begun, prioritize nutrition, exercise and get some well-deserved relaxation at Cosentino’s Market, Pure Barre and Massage Luxe, respectively.

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