Meet the Bluhawk Team in Overland Park, KS

About Bluhawk

Welcome To Bluhawk

Bluhawk is a community built to energize and excite. By pairing retail and dining with world-class athletic facilities, Bluhawk serves as a communal hub for leisure and competition, attracting families from the Overland Park area. Planned with educational opportunities and a healthy lifestyle in mind, Bluhawk is a unique retail destination.


Price Brothers - Overland Park, KS, Real Estate

Bluhawk developer and owner/operator Price Brothers has built and managed properties and communities for three generations in Kansas City. Wanting to create something new for the community they call home, the organization conceived Bluhawk, a next-generation retail destination.

Meet the Team

Western Retail Advisors

Retail, Restaurant & Entertainment Leasing

AREA Real Estate Advisors

Marketplace & Perimeter Leasing

Sports Stable

Sports Park Operations

Frankel Media Group

Marketing & PR

Community Involvement

Bluhawk and Price Brothers are committed to enriching to lives of the members of the surrounding Overland Park community. A bevy of after-school programs will solidify the project’s role as a gathering place for families and budding young athletes. Families in the Overland Park neighborhood will begin to view Bluhawk as an essential part of their neighborhood.