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Prep for Back-to-School at Bluhawk

Summer is coming to an end and for families across Overland Park and the Kansas City metro, that means preparing to go back to school. This time of the year is always a little stressful, so we’ve put together a list of ways to prep for the school year at Bluhawk to make it a little easier.

1. Schedule Check-ups

Back to school means back to being surrounded by hundreds of other children daily. This can lead to the spreading of germs and illness. It’s best to schedule check-ups before school even starts. The medical professionals at AdventHealth South Overland Park can double-check your child’s records to ensure all vaccines are up-to-date and that your little one is ready to get back to the grind. By scheduling a check-up with AdventHealth, you can make sure your whole family is ready to take on the new year.

While you are checking your overall health, zero in on your child’s eyes. Kids spend most of their time reading from books or using computers and tablets. This can cause a lot of strain on their eyes. Eye Associates offers comprehensive eye exams for children starting at the age of 3, which will make sure your child’s eye health is top-notch.

2. Get Ready for School-Pictures

Prevent those awkward back to school photos by visiting Great Clips in Bluhawk. A fresh, new hair cut or trim will have the kids feeling ready to take on their new school year. A visit to Bluhawk Dental Group will also have those pearly whites shining for the perfect school picture smile.

3. Start Learning Early

Mathnasium at Bluhawk helps kids in grades 2 – 12 get a better understanding of math by receiving personalized tutoring services. Kick start their new school year by enrolling them in some sessions to refresh their memories on what they learned last year and begin learning techniques for this year’s classes.

4. Shop for Lunches

School lunches can be an expensive addition to going back to school. Packing allows parents to ensure their kids are eating healthy, delicious food every day. Make sure to prep for weekly packed lunches at Cosentino’s Market. Their healthy, wide variety of food options will make parents happy and leave kids asking for more.

5. Celebrate the End of Summer

Going back to school can be an anxious time for both parents and children. While you are preparing to make the transition a little easier, why not also celebrate the end of summer vacation? This will give you and your family a chance to take a break from the hustle of preparing and spend some last-minute quality time together.

Some ideas for your celebration:

Prepping for school doesn’t have to be stressful at Bluhawk. Knock out some of the prep on the same day, or come back to triple check you have everything you need to make sure this school year is one for the books.

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