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Foodie Revolution at Overland Park Restaurants


Now more than ever, food is becoming a focus in our social lives. This is especially true as we learn more about how food impacts our health and wellbeing. From clean, sustainable eating at home to innovative, new foods at a restaurant, people are focusing on flavor. They are also focusing on the celebration that comes with this natural commonality. In Overland Park, current restaurants like Red Door Grill, and those to come like Gyu-Kaku, Saltgrass Steak House and Cactus Grill are some of the places that combine great flavor with community. This mix makes for the ultimate Kansas City foodie experience.

The Foodie Landscape

“Foodie” used to be a term for those who chased new, exotic flavors and community engagement at restaurant hotspots. However, the name now suits anyone conscious of what they eat. And, restaurants from around the world are promoting their mouth-watering dishes online, touting the ingredients and quality of care in preparation, while grocery stores carry more local, natural and organic options. Farmer’s markets and sustainable eating have become more than a fad. They encourage and promote the at-home foodie experience as attention to what we’re putting in our bodies becomes synonymous with attention to taste and flavor.

The Foodie Revolution at Restaurants in Overland Park

A quick search for the best restaurants in Overland Park will give you a slew of results specializing in dishes from all over the world. From Japanese Barbeque to farm-to-table kitchens, Overland Park has a great selection of interesting and unique foods. Communities like Bluhawk promise to innovate further, offering prime access to restaurants that mix quality with culture.

Red Door Grill, located in Bluhawk, is just one of these restaurants. With a new take on the classic American grill, they provide choice meats, a classic, smokey flavor and hearty drinks. But the restaurant takes things a step further by combining these timeless elements with fresh ingredients and unexpected combinations. The restaurant features traditional dishes like the Classic Burger, the Caesar Salad, or the Grilled Salmon. But, you can find also unique selections like the Sweet Cheeses Burger, Coconut Chicken Salad, or the Chorizo Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

Bluhawk cultivates each addition to the community to parallel these refreshing cultural attributes. For example, the newest restaurant coming to the area is Gyu-Kaku. This restaurant parallels Red Door Grill and the surrounding neighborhood in terms of providing unique experiences, great atmosphere and quality food and service. The combination of which stimulates the foodie culture and growth in the area.

Exploring Overland Park’s Restaurants

Overland Park makes it easier than ever to appreciate a sophisticated, rich experience of flavor. A wide selection of top-quality restaurants, like those located in Bluhawk, gives you plenty of options. Even the grocery stores located in the area, like Cosentino’s Market, make it easier than ever to buy local, quality food that allows you to take the foodie revolution home with you. The goal of this “foodie-friendly ecosystem” is to ensure people throughout the Kansas City metro have access to a community of wellness and interaction with a variety of food experiences. By bringing these innovations to Bluhawk, the area will face an opportunity to elevate life’s experiences and truly thrive.

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