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Reinvention of the Marketplace

What is a marketplace? It may seem like a simple question but in reality, the very definition of a marketplace is evolving. Increasingly, city planners bear a sense of responsibility to their community. In practice, this means developers are shifting focus toward mixed-use locales, which cater to convenience, comfort and community. These marketplaces increase the quality of life and standard of living, creating better places to live. In fact, this new type of marketplace has already started flourishing in the Kansas City area.

Mixed-Use Developments and New Urbanism

Mixed-use developments bring components of New Urbanism to the American marketplace. If you’re unfamiliar with the term New Urbanism, you’re not alone, but chances are that you’d recognize it when you see it. The concept focuses on human-scaled urban design and boasts many benefits to health and longevity. It concentrates on the reformation of design and the way we plan and construct our cities.

Aspects of New Urbanism, as featured in mixed-use communities, include:

  • Walkability
  • Connectivity
  • Diversity
  • Mixed Housing
  • Quality Architecture & Urban Design
  • Traditional Neighborhood Structure
  • Increased Density
  • Quality of Life

So if you’ve ever visited a development that was easily walkable, cohesively designed and convenient, then you’ve most likely had a glimpse of New Urbanism.

Marketplaces with a New Sense of Community

The magic ingredient driving its popularity is the sense of community. The idea is to feature districts that function independently while also constructing an overall sense of connection, the heart of which is the marketplace.

Bluhawk – Redefining the Marketplace

As a mixed-use development in Overland Park, Bluhawk offers aspects of New Urbanism to benefit the greater Kansas City metro area. This next-generation community concentrates on the well-being of its residents and visitors.

Bluhawk curates its retail offerings and districts to enhance an already ambitious livability standard in Overland Park. The development aims to add to its diverse retail offerings and walkability to connect retailers with consumers.

The community has mixed housing options like apartments and single family homes in a traditional neighborhood structure and it will feature world-class dining options, class-A office space and ample room for retailers to engage with customers in unique and meaningful ways. At the center of this development is Bluhawk Sports Park. This regional sports destination will be comprised of an indoor, multi-sport complex featuring two NHL regulation ice rinks, as well as a multitude of other sports offerings and a 3,500-seat arena.

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