Restaurant, Retail & Real Estate Trends: Mixed-Use Developments – Bluhawk
Mixed-use developments are growing in popularity. Pictured here is a rendering of Bluhawk, providing retail, office, and residential space in Overland Park.

Restaurant, Retail & Real Estate Trends: Mixed-Use Developments

Fortune 500 companies and new businesses alike are relocating to commercial business districts, spurring local governments to invest in these areas by making them more accessible and walkable. More and more new tenants of the resulting mixed-use developments, or mixed-use communities, are discovering the competitive advantages these locations offer. 

Every day at Bluhawk, we watch our tenants benefit from being located in this diverse space for retail, dining, services and events that is changing the landscape of midwestern communities. Discover the opportunities available for your business.

Gain Higher Exposure to Customers

Whether you’re exploring restaurant real estate or retail opportunities, your goal is to get people to walk through your doors with their wallets at the ready. If your business relies on visitor volume, you can count on the residents who live in your mixed-use community. These developments are made to be walkable, so you can be sure your nearby consumers won’t have any trouble finding you.

For example, our tenants will serve not only those consumers who live in the 70-acre residential district, including single-family homes and The Residences at Bluhawk, but also those who reside throughout the affluent Kansas City suburb of Overland Park. The annual household income within a three-mile radius of Bluhawk is $155,000, and Johnson County is the wealthiest county in the state. Learn more about Overland Park’s demographics.

Strengthen Your Brand

It’s important to consider the brand of a mixed-use development before choosing to locate your business there. Does it mesh with your brand? Is the property well regarded by locals? The same goes for the brands of the other retail businesses or restaurants in the space. Your brand will either get a boost or take a hit based on the perception of the mixed-use community’s overall brand. Make sure it’s the former.

Our tenants will hitch their wagon to a brand built on health, wellness and a little friendly competition. Bluhawk’s image in Overland Park will pair perfectly with any business that can get behind an innovative community designed not just for living, but thriving.

Superior Property Management

Mixed-use developers aren’t just responsible for a couple of tenants. They have to support an entire community, making excellent property management an absolute necessity. In order to foster an exceptional leasing experience that will retain quality renters, developers understand that they can’t cut corners in this area. If a mixed-use development doesn’t have proactive, pleasant, accessible and insightful property management, they aren’t going to get very far.

Ready to Open Your Business in a Mixed-Use Community? Lease at Bluhawk.

These are just a few of the key benefits mixed-use spaces can provide businesses, from restaurant real estate to innovative retail opportunities. And Bluhawk is proud to be an exemplary model of what these properties can become. If you’re interested in leasing at Overland Park’s largest mixed-use development, contact our leasing team today.

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