Add Japanese BBQ to the List of Best Restaurants in Overland Park
Add Japanese BBQ to Best Restaurants in Overland Park

Add Japanese BBQ to the List of Best Restaurants in Overland Park

We’ve all done it. Hungry for more than just dinner, we desperately ask Google “what are the best restaurants near me?”. Scanning the latest Yelp list of Top Restaurants in Overland Park can often return results you’ve already exhausted. Luckily, soon to be nestled in Bluhawk, is a new restaurant experience for you to try, Gyu-Kaku.

What’s in a Name?

The restaurant name Gyu-Kaku (牛角) is Japanese for “horn of the bull”. The restaurant’s specialty is authentic yakiniku (焼き肉). Yakiniku is Japanese for grilled meat or grilled barbecue.

There are more than 700 restaurants behind the Gyu-Kaku restaurant name, with the first location in the U.S. being Los Angeles in 2001. Soon, the world-renowned cuisine will be making its way to Bluhawk in Kansas City.

The Technique of Japanese BBQ

Barbeque is one of the most popular American styles of cooking, especially in Kansas City, which has some of the best barbecue in the U.S. However, Japanese BBQ is different than the barbecue you know and love. These restaurants serve different styles of meat that set it on a stage of its own. These items are unique from the typical beef or pork commonly seen in American barbecue.

At Gyu-Kaku restaurants, customers sit around a table with a smokeless roaster located in the center. Diners then choose from menu items such as yaki shabu, harami and kalbi, which is served raw. The Japanese BBQ experience is to cook those premium meats over the flaming charcoal grill at the table while enjoying Japanese drinks and side dishes, and of course, each other’s company.

Home of the Best Restaurants in Overland Park

Bluhawk in Overland Park believes in creating a community where friends and family can come together to grow and learn. This energy is cultivated by bringing the best restaurants like Gyu-Kaku and Red Door Grill to Overland Park.

Bluhawk focuses on the well-being of the residents and visitors of the Kansas City metro. Everything from the best restaurants to top retailers in the development is carefully considered as to how they relate to the Kansas City community at large as well as one another. This type of cultivation is to ensure that the development serves the community and provides everything residents and visitors may need to thrive in an exciting atmosphere.

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