Plan the Perfect Picnic with These Top 5 Recipes from Cosentino’s Market
Picnic Recipes from Cosentino's Market

Plan the Perfect Picnic with These Top 5 Recipes from Cosentino’s Market

The warmer weather has given residents of the Kansas City metro a spark of energy. In fact, there is a resurgence of things to do in Overland Park and Kansas City this summer. If you are looking for an inexpensive mini-retreat with the family, why not a picnic? Overland Park offers 83 different parks and open spaces where visitors can relax with a picnic, take a stroll, bike and even fish! But, where do you start? Luckily, Cosentino’s Market has you covered. The fine foods grocery store located at the Bluhawk Marketplace has a variety of recipes perfect for summer fun. Here are our top 5 recipes from Cosentino’s Market for summer picnics.

1. Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Okay, while the summer sun may be hot, it won’t be drying these tomatoes. This snack is actually made in the oven! Which means you can make it year-round. Add some fresh herbs to cherry tomatoes and roast until they are chewy like a raisin. Take a small bag of these on your picnic to eat on their own, or enjoy with other recipes.

2. Summer Pesto Chicken Salad

What’s more perfect for summer than a recipe that has the word right in the name? Keep this recipe chilled in a cooler on your way to one of the many parks in Overland Park and add to a nice spring greens mix.

3.  Cosentino’s Market Lobster Roll

Nothing says summer like fresh ingredients, especially fresh seafood from Cosentino’s Market. Perfect by itself or on a roll, this lobster filling is the perfect picnic or cookout centerpiece.

4. Fresh Apple Salsa

What’s sweet yet savory, crisp and satisfying? Fresh apple salsa! This recipe from Cosentino’s Market is ideal for hot days when you want to spice things up. Featuring juicy Spartan apples, red bell peppers, honey and black pepper, this is the best of both worlds.

5. Great Grandma Cosentino’s Italian Cookies

Everyone deserves a treat. Don’t forget to pack these delicious cookies straight from Grandma Cosentino’s recipe book to make your summer picnic a little sweeter.

Bonus: A special treat for Fido.

Cosentino’s Market also has a special recipe for their four-legged customers, Turkey Doggie Treats. The homemade cookie has rich nutrients sourced from ground turkey and eggs. If you’re in a rush to grab something for Fido to enjoy on your picnic in the park, stop by Three Dog Bakery. They have ready-made, all-natural baked goods and a fully equipped self-wash room for post-park dog cleanup.

The stores and restaurants, like Cosentino’s Market and Three Dog Bakery, at Bluhawk are carefully cultivated to promote the well-being of Kansas City residents and pets. This includes providing visitors with the tools they need to achieve that peace and wellness, both in and out of the community. So whether you are getting the ingredients for your perfect picnic, spoiling your pooch, or enjoying all that the mixed-use development in Overland Park has to offer, you know that at Bluhawk you can explore, thrive and live well.

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