Life in Overland Park: Bluhawk Homes, Apartments and More
Bluhawk homes and apartments like The Residences offer a variety of living accommodations.

Life in Overland Park: Bluhawk Homes, Apartments and More

The Kansas City metro has experienced fast, exponential growth and a revamp in infrastructure. Growth in Johnson County, the wealthiest in the state of Kansas, in particular, has skyrocketed its livability factor and resulted in a wave of individuals and new families looking to relocate to the area. With exponential growth comes the need for housing from single-family homes to a variety of rental units and apartments, plus shopping and more to solidify the city as a lifelong home to its residents.

A City of Change and Opportunity

The Overland Park suburb of Kansas City is well known for its shopping, recreation and accommodations. In fact, Overland Park is consistently selected as the #1 place to raise a family and has top-of-the-line schools and plenty of options for leisure and recreation like local parks and trails, which feature perfect grassy areas for a picnic, shopping, golfing and museums.

These features and accommodations in Overland Park have drawn an impressive population of 2.4 million people to the surrounding metro, with about 25,000 more expected to move to the area in the next few years. This mix of metropolitan city-life in combination with the surrounding nature offers the perfect balance.

The growth of the area has also brought world-renowned companies like Garmin, Hallmark and H&R Block to the region. Companies like these, and those moving to the area, provide ample opportunities for employment.

Apartments, Rental Units and Homes in Overland Park

Finding new living accommodations can be frustrating, especially when moving to a new city. But Overland Park has a multitude of options for finding the right place to call home. From apartments to condos and homes to temporary rental units, there are options for every lifestyle. Many of these accommodations are close to shopping and entertainment as well.

While the area is highly rated for its schools and neighborhoods for families, the suburb also offers nightlife, health and fitness facilities and outdoor activities for individuals on the go.

Room to Grow in Bluhawk Homes

Bluhawk homes and apartments offer a space to call “home.” With options varying from single-family homes to apartments like The Residences at Bluhawk. This apartment complex offers 1, 2 and 3-bedroom options. The Residences at Bluhawk can accommodate anyone from families to young professionals and allows people at any stage in their life to partake in all that Bluhawk has to offer. Some amenities at The Residences include a playground and sports court. Bluhawk homes and apartments.

Single-family homes are also available at Bluhawk. These homes are perfect for those looking to have access to Bluhawk while retaining their own space. Over 70 acres of the community will make up the residential side of Bluhawk. These living accommodations are supported by additional investments in police and fire departments.

Bluhawk is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City. This means that you have the benefit of living in an up-and-coming area, surrounded by first-in-market retail, dining and entertainment, while also living a short drive from a newly revitalized downtown area.

When looking for a new place to call home in the Kansas City metro, consider the benefits of Overland Park and Bluhawk. The area offers world-class shopping, dining and entertainment, as well as premium access for commutes. Bluhawk and Overland Park provide an excellent space for growing and thriving lifestyles. For more information on the accommodations available at Bluhawk, explore more of the property.


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